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A more peaceful way to put your children to sleep.

At Beetlo, we think there’s no better way to put your child to sleep than with a calming story. That’s why we’ve included a special bonus with any purchase from our store: a new bedtime story directly to your inbox every month for life! With Beetlo’s lifetime story promise, you’ll never need to worry about finding a story to read to your child at night. Every story we send out is written by experts to create a relaxing cadence that lulls your loved one to sleep. As an added bonus, the first story you receive will tie directly into the product you buy from our store!

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Bring a sense of calm into your home.

Turn the night light on, open the email containing your story, and begin reading as your child drifts to sleep. Reading to children before bedtime helps to reduce stress and elevate a sense of safety, comfort, and relaxation. Our in-house storywriters will send stories each month that are about 10 minutes in length, the perfect amount of time to get cozy and doze off into dreamland.

Develop your child’s mind as they drift to sleep.

Nighttime stories are the perfect supplement to boost your child’s sense of imagination and wonder. Reading to young children contributes to brain and language development, and helps with literary skills. Help your child sleep more soundly while developing their literacy and education with 10 minutes of reading each night.

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Build a stronger bond between you and your child.

At Beetlo, we think there’s no better memory than drifting away to the sound of your loving mother’s voice. Reading to your child at bedtime may create lifetime memories that your loved one will always hold close to their heart. By reading bedtime stories at night, you foster a parent-child bond and get close to them in a new and loving way that you’ll both cherish forever.

Review our curated selection of stories.

Our stories were written by a master storyteller specializing in children’s writing to create a relaxing cadence that helps to lull your child to sleep. Our calm, rhythmic stories were designed to be spoken out loud, and the messages within contain peaceful tales that your child will remember for years to come. Want to see what these stories look like? Read a full sample story about our mascot Beetlo.

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Tips on utilizing Beetlo’s night light and story combo effectively.

So, how do you read to your child to maximize the effectiveness of these stories? Well, we at Beetlo suggest reading in a slow, calm voice to soothe your child to sleep. In addition, we recommend opening the story from your phone or tablet so you can stay close to your child as you help them fall asleep. Learn more tips on how to read our stories to your child for bedtime.