How to read bedtime stories

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Beetlo creates bedtime stories that soothe and relax your child to sleep through careful diction, rhythmic wordplay, and peaceful backdrops for a comfy cast of characters.

We’ve prepared some useful tips to help you get the most out of story time with your child. By following this advice, your child will go to sleep sooner and more peacefully.

1. Use the included Beetlo Lamp to create a magical atmosphere

Using the Beetlo Lamp to create a soft, peaceful light source will create the perfect backdrop to accompany your storytelling. Turn the lights off and the night light on to emit a calming glow as your voice guides your child to sleep. The peaceful setting and the calming voice of a loving parent will create lasting memories that your child will hold onto forever.


2. Prepare your space beforehand

While your child is out playing, eating dinner, or brushing their teeth, take a quick stop into their room to prepare their space for bedtime. Get their bed ready, turn on their night light, and have a Beetlo story all ready to go on your smartphone or tablet. That way, when your child comes to bed, they’ll be ready to settle down and drift off to sleep more quickly!


3. Tell stories at the same time every night

Our bodies are more fickle than you may know regarding sleep; in fact, it’s been proven that sleep comes more easily if we create a routine and sleep at the same time every night! That’s why it’s very important to create a bedtime routine with your child that comes around the same time every night. Reading a Beetlo story every night around 10 PM, for example, will signal to your child’s body that it’s time to go to sleep. Take advantage of this biological quirk to get your child to sleep sooner every night!

4. Be an active reader (and actor)

Beetlo stories are designed to be read calmly and rhythmically to relax your child and put them at ease. Read our stories slowly and softly to create a peaceful environment that your child can go to sleep in. To help even more, have some fun with the stories by throwing in yawns, slow breathing, and an emphasis on our tired characters. After all, storytelling is an art!

These four tips will help your child drift into a peaceful sleep even faster. Create lasting memories and a calm environment for your child by purchasing a Beetlo night light and receiving a lifetime story subscription today!