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A more peaceful way to put your children to sleep.

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  • 1. Select Your Dreamy Night Light
  • 2. You Get A Free Lifetime Subscription
  • 3. Bring A Sense Of Calm Into Your Home
  • 4. Nourish Kids Development
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Lifetime Subscription

With every purchase, you get a free lifetime subscription to our fairy tale bedtime stories - original tales written by our in-house editor that weave magic into your child’s nighttime routine. A new original story, delivered to your inbox every month, to help your little one drift off. For life, or until you choose to cancel.

After ordering, you'll receive a link where you can read your bedtime stories you’ve received.

Bring a sense of calm into your home.

Turn the night light on, open the email containing your story, and begin reading as your child drifts to sleep. Reading to children before bedtime helps to reduce stress and elevate a sense of safety, comfort, and relaxation. Our in-house storywriters will send stories each month that are about 10 minutes in length, the perfect amount of time to get cozy and doze off into dreamland.

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Nourishing Kids Development

Well-rested kids develop healthy mental and physical attributes during sleep, so they can flourish during the day. More energy, vitality, vibrancy, and creativity all stem from a good night’s sleep. Our aim is to make truly restful sleep the norm, and not an exception.

We believe childhoods filled with joy create more well-rounded adult personalities that add value to society and create their own success stories.


Creativity & Calm

Ambient lighting in combination with our original bedtime stories help nurture your child’s imagination while promoting feelings of creativity, calm and tranquility.


Deepen The Bond

Soothing moments created at bedtime help develop a deep and loving bond between parent and child, contributing to emotional steadiness later in life.


Improve Sleep Habits

Mental and physical strength, healthy growth, and happy childhoods all stem from good sleep - which can only be developed with proper bedtime routines.


Watch Them Flourish

We believe happy childhoods filled with imagination form well-balanced adults that strive for success and make brighter contributions to society.

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